Creating everyday...

The idea for this collection came about on January 1st, when I decided that I needed an easy, low barrier, way to create every day.

I'll share some of them on this page, so do check back to see what's new!

“Sketching on a regular basis requires you to pay close attention to the visual world around you. With practice, you begin to see things you never noticed before.”  ~Paul Laseau

  • The view out of our bedroom window. It's a cozy spot to sit with a coffee and where I kicked off the daily sketch practice.

  • This view is out our dining room sliding door that looks out over the remnants of pots leftover from the fall.

  • This is a container where my husband is attempting to grow some of the little bits of leaves that fall off our house plants.

Flower sketch...

Here's a step by step view of the process for this sketch. The flower photo was from my camera roll.

With this drawing it's the shadows that I'm really drawing, since the flowers are a uniform yellow.

  • From my hubby's collection of shells picked up on the beach during warmer weather, perfect excuse for drawing.

  • This is a piece of inherited pottery along with a left over Halloween gourd decoration. Anything is fodder lol

  • I've been sketching while drinking my coffee in the morning, so decided to just sketch my coffee lol.

  • I'm a huge fan of teacups and have a collection of them. I love the different shapes and flower decorations on each of them.

  • This is our garlic keeper clay pot, along with an onion. I love the similar shapes and colors between them.

  • A sketch of my art supplies... acrylic paint tubes and a paint brush... very meta lol.

Creating Daily!!!

I've been thinking of the idea of creating every day and what that would look like. I've also been absorbing content from various sources on meditation and being mindful. I'm not really a meditation person. My thoughts either run at 100 miles per hour, or zero (because I'm asleep). I don't have a middle area, which might be a good argument for starting a meditation practice lol. After thinking on that, I decided that since I'm an artist, a drawing practice might be a better idea, keeping my brain busy but focused, the best of both worlds.The photos are some of the sketches I've created while having my morning coffee.

I just thought I'd share in case you found them interesting, or they give you ideas about how you could incorporate a daily creative practice into your life… whatever that looks like for you personally. ‘Create’ is such a vague verb, I feel like it welcomes any effort to bring something into existence… What would a daily ‘create’ look like for you? 

  • A flower sketch from my camera roll. I was thinking of this as a painting ideas. I may start to incorporate color into these drawings.

  • The boat launch hut view out of our bedroom window. I've drawn and painted this hut so many times. Love this little view!

  • A sketch of rudbekia flowers off my camera roll. I used this same photo for a small paintings on paper but may use it for a painting on canvas.

  • Going through one of my old sketch books and found this.. from 1998. I've been sketching a looong time lol! I even noted the weather.

  • Sketching some ideas for a new collection of paintings. This the harbour entrance here in Port.

  • Another sketch for a painting, this is a view from the beach looking out towards the pier.

  • This is lettuce sproutling experiment that's been sitting on our counter doing it's thing, so fair game to be sketched lol.

  • Some daisies from my camera roll. Flowers with white petals are easier to sketch since you don't have to separate the color out.

  • Step by step drawing of dried oak leaves and acorns. It's surprising how hard it is to find acorns. The squirrels in our area are very efficient nut gathering machines.

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