My Fav Resources

Just some of my favorite books, supplies, software etc, with links to them. These products have been useful to me, I hope they'll be useful to you too. 

NOTE: Just so you know, this page may contain "affiliate" or "referral" links to products and resources I've used. Although I may receive a small commission for purchases made with these links, please know that does not change the price that you would pay for any items you buy via these links.

  • Flodesk Email Provider

    Looking for an email service provider that is fool-proof? Take the tech overwhelm out of growing an email list with their totally simplified process of getting set up and sending out emails regularly.

    If you're ready to send beautifully crafted emails fast and easily, join Flodesk! 

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  • Tailwind Social Scheduler

    I use Tailwind to automate scheduling out my pins to Pinterest and stories & posts to Instagram & Facebook. It's easy to use and helps you reclaim your time for other things by bulk scheduling to the three biggest social platforms.

    Try Tailwind with the link below and you'll get one month FREE!

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  • Backblaze Cloud Backups

    I use this software to make sure I don't loose the photos and data I worked so hard to create. The program works quitely in the background to keep all your work backed up to the cloud in case something goes wrong.

    Get affordable backups, the link below gets you one month FREE!

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  • AppSumo

    AppSumo is an online marketplace where entrepreneurs can find awesome deals on tools for content creation, social media, SEO... plus all kinds of other courses and tools that are helpful in running your business.

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Blog Post Books

Below are links to books that are referenced my blog post...

"Books That Will Teach You How to Draw Like an Artist"

  • Nature Drawing: A Tool For Learning by Clare Walker Leslie

    My mom bought me this book when I was a teenager. The pages are curled from repeated, obsessive thumb-ings during many camping trips. If you want to draw small animals and plants to create a journal of the natural world then this book is for you!!

    Nature Drawing: A Tool For Learning 
  • Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards

    A fantastic guide on how to draw. Perfect for beginners it leads you step by step on how to re-learn to see in order to draw. Couple this with Betty Edwards other book, Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain, and you'll be drawing like an artist in no time. Highly recommended!!

    Drawing on the Artist Within 
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

    This book coupled with Betty Edwards other book, Drawing On The Artist Within, will teach you how to draw like an artist. She guides you through the brain shift that has to happen to see the world in a way that you can draw it. I highly recommend both books!

    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 
  • The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study by Kimon Nicolaides

    This book is like a course on drawing the human figure. Starting with contour line drawings all the way to the fully shaded complete drawings using a series of timed exercises. Excellent paired with, 'An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists',

    The Natural Way to Draw 
  • The Artist's Way Workbook by Julia Cameron

    A spiritual path to higher creativity This book leads you through a series of exercises designed to help you see yourself in a more nurturing way and overcome negativity in your surroundings that could block your creativity. Useful exercises in self development for artist and non-artists alike. 

    The Artist's Way Workbook 
  • The Artist's Handbook by Angela Gair

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing, Watercolor, and Oil Painting. The book is a series of twelve exercises, one per chapter. Each chapter explains a different art concept and then has a step by step instruction on creating an art piece utilizing that concept. A wonderful book suitable for an intermediate artist.

    The Artist's Handbook 
  • An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists by Fritz Schider

    A useful collection of anatomy studies from old masters artist like  Da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as photographs of models in various poses paired with musculature drawings. Also includes close ups of eyes and hands, feet etc. Highly recommend for all figurative artists!!!

    An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists 
  • The Artist's Guide to Animal Anatomy by Gottfried Bammes

    This guide for artists is geared towards larger animal anatomy,  like horses, big cats, cows, dogs. Illustrations show muscular and skeletal breakdowns of various poses. Absorb this book, then go to the zoo to sketch. Great coupled with, Nature Drawing, and Animals Copyright Free Illustrations Reference

    The Artist's Guide to Animal Anatomy 
  • Animals: 1,419 Copyright-Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects by Jim Harter

    Such an interesting  book, depicting animals of every type, beautifully rendered. A wonderful reference for any artist who works with wildlife. The drawings are exquisite and a valuable study for new artists. I would couple this with the books 'Animal Anatomy' and 'Nature Drawing'

    Animals: Copyright-Free Illustrations 
  • Perspective for Artists by Rex Vicat Cole

    Another very useful guide for artists, especially landscape artists. This book provides lots of examples of how perspective works in pictures. Not only does the book show buildings buy also how to use perspective with oddly shaped objects. A must have reference book for any artist! Highly recommend for all landscape artist!!!

    Perspective for Artists 
  • Stunning Watercolor Seascapes by Kolbie Blume

    Newly released, this book was written by Kolbie Blume, a friend of mine. She has done an amazing job demonstrating the step by step process to creating a painting through a series of projects. At the end of the book you'll have a firm grasp on how to make a watercolor painting, and have 25 completed paintings to prove it!

    Sunning Watercolor Seascapes 

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