My Story

Hey there! If you don’t already know me, I'm Cathy Horvath Buchanan, I'm an artist/painter who makes bright and colorful modern folk-inspired artwork that helps you bring joy into your home and life.

Can we talk?...Don't be shy...but do you have....naked walls?.....Oh my goodness, there I said it. I know it's a bit embarrassing!!

Of course I'm kidding with you, but I'm also serious...but don't worry you're not the only one with a naked wall problem.

I walk with my husband a lot in the evening, especially since it gets dark so early during winters here in Canada. As I walk I catch wee glimpses of the walls in people's living rooms. I'm surprised how often they don't have anything hanging on their walls. I think there would be no bare walls if people knew how much great art enhances your living space.

Artwork can turn your house into a cozy home. I know this because I've spent most of my life making bright colorful paintings to turn your empty naked walls into a vibrant space that fills your life with daily joy.

I believe...

You deserve to have a home that is a sanctuary. A special place you create to nurture your heart, home, and soul. I believe your place should be cheerful, cozy and filled with beauty and color. All the art I make is in service of these beliefs.

My home and sanctuary is with my husband, Shawn in Port Stanley, Ontario. It’s a charming fishing village on the shores of Lake Erie, which fortunately has a thriving and super supportive arts community that I love!

Art in the Making
I’ve spent most of my life making art in some fashion.. The art I create is the product of my years spent at art school, practical experimentation and quiet observation. I just love drawing and painting! I’m constantly amazed how something as simple as putting color on a canvas can absorb and convey a lifetime spent looking.

My ideas for paintings are triggered by things I see when I’m out and about, but the actual paintings come from my heart and imagination. When I’m out in the world I continually make mental notes of what I see. It’s a skill that I actively cultivate, (as most artists probably do). I’ve found over the years that by consciously being present and in the moment it’s possible to mentally record what you see and feel. I believe everyone can do this. It just takes some time, some patience and the will to do so.

I try to memorize things like…. the way sunlight hits a large fluffy cloud so that one side is pure sharp white against the deep blue sky, then softens to grey creating the illusion of solid form... or the interesting shadow cast by a leafless spring tree as it spreads out from the base like tendrils across the ground... or how the waves at the lake froth from the dark water into whitecaps then roll in to break on the beach.All of these images are like puzzle pieces that I squirrel away in my memory so that I can put them together later when I’m back home in my studio.

To me, a beautifully rendered image is a joy to create and even more joyful to share with others to brighten their daily life.  

My Art Journey...

I started making art as a kid, as we all do when we're children because we are free to express whatever is in our little heads. I didn't really plan on being an artist, it was just always who I was and what I did. Seems I never grew out of the stage of expressing whatever was in my little head and I just went with it.

After high school, I continued on to art school. After three years I graduated and with a diploma, and with paint brush in hand I went out into the world to make art to put in galleries. Here's the thing about art galleries though, they're very local which means they have a very limited number of clients. Paintings can hang in a gallery for months before they sell; not a great way to make a living.

It didn't take long to discover that being an artist isn't an easy path. To remedy this I also became a graphic designer. I worked full time as a designer while painting on the side. I did those things together for a few years until I decided that I really just wanted to paint. I tried to figure out just how I could do that. 

Selling My Art Online

It was at that time that the possibility of selling things on the internet was really becoming a reality, so I crossed my fingers and experimented with selling my art online. I was surprised just how well it went. Soon I began to paint full time every day. The best part was I was selling artwork to collectors from around the world.

In 2010 I opened an Etsy shop, selling original paintings, and in 2014 I also added high-quality art prints made from my paintings. The feedback from customers has been absolutely wonderful. I try hard to make the buying experience positive and to produce original art and art prints that people will be proud and happy to have in their homes. The hard work has paid off, having sold well over 2000 works of art online in the last few years, I'm happy to say my seller feedback from Etsy is all 5 stars!!!

My Painting Style Story

Many years ago and just out of art school I painted in a very realistic, somber style: lots of muted grays. Serious looking artwork that I created to be hung in galleries for very serious folks (a hold over idea from art school).

When I started selling my paintings online I noticed that my style changed in reaction to the platform. I found that the more colorful and simplified I made my paintings, the more intense was the little thumbnail picture I could post online. The image captured your eye and drew you in so you would want to click on the listing. This revelation led to the style of painting I currently have.

What was also amazing about this change in style is the messages I've received from folks who've bought my art, so incredibly inspirational, uplifting and positive. Not only does making art make me happy, the bold colors in my art really seem to be speaking to other people's hearts and making them happy as well. What could be better? There seems to be a re-energizing effect that comes from surrounding yourself with bright happy colorful images.



Through my Etsy shop, I've been fortunate enough to be seen by people who've offered me various opportunities including art licensing. In 2014 I signed up to be represented by the Montage licensing agency. A few years later the agency came to a close. However, in February of 2017 I signed on with another US agency, out of Vermont. Also in May 2017 I also signed up with U.K. licensing agency MGL (2020 update, no longer with MGL).

As a result of licensing through my agents and on my own, I'm so pleased to have had my art featured on flags, rugs, a calendar, needlepoint, cards and in many print houses. Hopefully, you'll see even more of my art on products in the future. See LICENSING for more information on licensing with me.

And so the story continues ....

Moving forward I'm always looking for ways to expand what I have to offer you. I now have art cardsseasonal downloads,  coloring pages, and art printables.

Of course I still offer original paintings and prints of various sizes, but did you know I also offer the option of custom paintings.

Pop on over to the CUSTOM ART page for more details on how the process works.

Stay Tuned...
Please stay tuned to see what happens next....I'm really excited to have you along for the ride!
Be sure to go check out the rest of my online studio store to see all the original paintings and prints, cards and more available for you to enjoy.

Down with naked walls! Up with artworks of bright happy colors to cheer your heart, home and soul!!!
Enjoy!! Cathy : )

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