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Get the painting you've always wanted!!!

Do You Have a Vision?

Do you feel like you already know what your special painting would look like but you just can't find it out there? If the style that I use to create my art speaks to you, and you feel like your vision and my vision would be a wonderful fit, then a custom painting might be the answer.

I've created many unique paintings for many special folks, maybe you could be one of those folks too!! : )

Below are some photos of just a few of the sketches/paintings that I've created as custom paintings... 

custom sketches and custom paintings


I'm always pleased to take on commission paintings where we can work together with you to make a custom work of art that is suited just for you.

If you know what you'd like in your painting and would like to discuss details about the project please  CONTACT me so that I can answer any questions you might have. 


1. Inspiration: What type of imagery inspires you or what have you always wanted in a painting. I can use anything, from written descriptions, photos, my own paintings, or even your own drawings as a point of departure. This webpage has a few photos of sketches and the final paintings so you can see what this would look like. 

2 . Location & Size: Before contacting me think about where you'd like to hang the artwork and what size, colors, and elements you’d like to have in the painting. Also, think about the budget you have available for the project. 

When you contact me about having a custom work of art created, we'll discuss your vision to determine exactly what you would like to have in the painting.

If you're new to the idea of commissioning a painting, be sure to get the, 'HOW TO GET A CUSTOM PAINTING GUIDE'  This step-by-step guide will help you figure out what you need to know first in order to get a custom painting.

I'll create a price quote based on the information you’ve given me, I’ll also include a shipping estimate so you’ll have an idea of what the final commitment will be.

3. Sketch: Using the information you've given me I’ll then create a sketch. I’ll email the final sketch to you. If the sketch needs revision, we continue the process until the sketch reflects an ideal composition that we’re both happy with.

4. Create Painting: At this point, we finalize the details and I’ll require the deposit to purchase materials in order to begin the painting. This deposit is non-refundable so please be sure that you are committed to the project. I’ll create the painting and then send you photos of the completed piece.

5. Payment & Shipping: When the piece is completed and you've given your approval of the finished artwork, we’ll then proceed to the second final payment and shipping. Once shipped, I'll contact you with all the shipment tracking info.

6. Hang & Enjoy: Finally, your unique original painting arrives at your home and you hang it up and enjoy!!! : )

For pricing details, please contact me, prices range from $350 and up...

custom painting process


Before proceeding to the next step be sure to sign up for the FREE CUSTOM ART GUIDE to find out all the details involved in commissioning an art piece. With this comprehensive guide, you'll feel knowledgeable and confident about commissioning a work of art even if you feel that you know nothing about art.


custom art guidecustom art guide

Let's talk about your project

Let's talk about the project you have in mind. I'd be happy to find out more about what you're vision is for your custom painting. To find out more details about the planning and creation process please CONTACT ME.

I reserve spaces for 3-4 bookings a month for custom paintings. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your spot. This deposit will contribute towards the final price of the painting. Once booked, I can provide exact pricing for your specific size requirements, as well as additional services such as framing, shipping, and/or installation. 

Note: Minimum size/price $350 USD for a 10"x12" painting and goes up from there.