Custom Artwork

Do you have a vision? Do you feel like you already know what your special painting would look like but you just can't find it out there? If my painting style speaks to you, and you feel like your vision and mine would be a good fit, then a custom painting might be the answer. I'm always pleased to take on commission to create a custom work of art suited just for you!


1. Inspiration: What imagery inspires you! I can use anything, from written descriptions, photos, my own paintings, or even your own drawings as a point of departure. 

2 . Size & Details: Before contacting me think about where you'd like to hang the artwork as well as size, colors, and elements in the painting. Also, the budget available for the project. 

3. Sketch & Deposit: Using your information, I'll provide a price quote and rough preliminary sketch. Once we work out the details and you confirm that you want to proceed, I'll require a deposit to purchase materials to start the painting. This deposit is non-refundable so please be sure that you are committed to the project.

4. Create Painting: I’ll create the painting and send you photos of the completed piece.

5. Final Payment & Shipping: When the piece is finished and approved, we’ll complete the second final payment and I'll ship the painting and email you the shipment tracking details.

Hang & Enjoy: Finally, your unique original painting arrives and you hang it up and enjoy!!!

Let's talk about your project

I'd love to find out more about what your vision is for your custom painting! I can create a price quote based on the information you’ve given and also include a shipping estimate so you’ll have a good idea of what the final commitment will be. 

Note: Minimum size for a custom painting on canvas is 11"x14" and goes up from there based on size, complexity and level of customization.

To get an idea of pricing, if you look at the pricing for the available paintings on my website, custom pricing would be approx. 10-20% more depending on the painting details.

Contact me to find out specific pricing for your project.

Payment plans are available....

Please feel free to use the form below to tell me more about your specific project.

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