Summer Plein Air Project

Enjoying the view with a paintbrush ....

The idea for this collection came about as my husband and I walked around the charming fishing village of Port Stanley, where we live. It left me feeling that as an artist I don't take advantage of these spectacular lake and creek views as much as I should.

Capturing these views directly in location seemed like a wonderful way to share my impressions of these stunning scenes so that you could enjoy them too! 

Welcome to my 'Plein Air Painting Project'


- Paintings are all 8"x10" acrylic paint on hard board panel

"Plein air painting is all about the experience: getting out of the house, into nature, and engaging your senses," Warwick Goldswain

Plein-air[ pleyn-air;Frenchple-ner] - a painting executed out of doors, representing a direct response to the scene or subject in front of the artist.

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