White Flowers Lake View

white flowers

Life is too short, take some time to smell the flowers!", I'm sharing a photo of one of my original paintings so you can take a break to enjoy some bright sunny flowers by the lake. 

I'd also like to share this quote that I think is lovely and sums up a wonderful sunny Saturday... "When do we gather fruits and flower, And spend our happy half-day hours, In shady lanes and mossy bowers? ...On Saturday!(Jane Moore, "Saturday," Wild Flowers of Song, 1880)

We always imagine Saturday is going to be a day of relaxation, but then real life kicks in and we end up doing laundry, cutting the grass, cleaning the living room, or doing the bazillion other chores that got neglected over the week. I'm guilty of this too.

I propose that you and I take at least 1 hour every Saturday to just rejuvenate ourselves by indulging in simple joyful pleasures. Could be reading a book with a fancy coffee, or a decadent breakfast, or a stroll in the park, paint a small picture, putter in the garden literally smelling the flowers, whatever floats your boat. There are so many ways to spend a couple hours that help replenish your soul.

If you make this a weekly date with yourself, you'll soon find your looking forward to and anticipating this special time you've set aside as a treat just for you. In the end when you look back at the times in your life when you were the happiest, these moments might be some of your favs.

If you'd like to see this painting and the other available originals in my studio just go to...ORIGINAL PAINTINGS

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