Starting a new painting

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Behind the scenes in my studio. A fresh orange canvas waiting for inspiration to fill it up with a unique view of the world. Anything is possible as long as it fits within the rectangle of this piece of stretched canvas.

The thought is daunting, liberating, constrained, exciting, and wrought with artistic mindset issues such as confidence, value, and self-worth.

All that before even dipping the paintbrush in the paint and make the first mark.

I've created hundreds of paintings, and for those just starting their artistic journey, I can tell you that it does get easier. Each painting hones your skills, each experiment both successful and unsuccessful adds to your knowledge of what is possible, each piece gives you just a bit more confidence in your ability to convey your vision and artistic voice.

When a collector purchases an original painting that's part of what they are buying, all the years of dedicated time to build the skills and mindset to create a work of art that has value in the world.

Creating art, any art, is not easy. Creating good art requires time, sacrifice and dedication. Creating great art is akin to flying with the angels when mind, spirit, and experience come together to form a vision of unique clarity and beauty.

So with those lofty ideals in my head and heart... I will now return to my blank canvas and try to conjure magic. Maybe I'll succeed and maybe not, but for me and for artists all over the world, the journey and the chance to bring something unique into the world is worth all the effort and courage to overcome self-doubt, with hopes of creating beauty where it didn't exist before. Stay tuned.......

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