Port Stanley Collection Art Prints

port sstanley art prints

Today everyone is in Port Stanley!! On weekends such as this, when the sun is bright and shining... and especially as the weather warms up, our little beach town gets blanketed with folks from out of town, here to enjoy the wonderful lakeside views.

My husband grew up in Port Stanley and has seen it change from a sleepy fishing/shipping port to a town growing exponentially, where many of the old seasonal cottages are being replaced with multi-story mansions. I moved here in 2016, and even in that short time things have changed soooo much, it's getting hard to keep track.

The collection of artworks I created (paintings, prints, cards) are sort of a snapshot in time of our charming little place on the lake. Here are 4 iconic 'Port' views... there are also a couple others but you have to pop over to my website to see them, PORT STANLEY COLLECTION

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