Painting a storm

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The perils of plein air painting! Last Friday afternoon I thought I'd hop on my bike and head to the beach to get in some painting… it started well...
I got my easel set up, sketched out the view, and started painting… then the sky started to change. At first, I tried to keep up, the view kept getting more and more interesting... my paintbrush couldn't go fast enough, it was just changing too quickly. Then a cold wind began to gust!
It was at this point my artistic vision, which was mesmerized by what was happening in the sky, came into conflict with my practical brain, that was thinking I really should really get the '#%^*' out of there.
I hoped I could bike home before it hit… but I was just a few minutes too late. I got completely soaked as I frantically peddled through the village in torrential rain!
The real kicker was…. a few minutes after I got home, the sun came out… oh that Mother Nature, she's so fun!!! That's the ‘seat of your pants’ excitement of plein air painting, you just never know what will happen lol.
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