My sketching practice

coffee sketchsketch boat hut

I'm doing something new!! In an effort to 'create everyday' I've been sketching since the start of the year. Right now I don't have an end goal for these, except for exercising my drawing skills lol.

It started with landscape views, (the huts with trees drawings) that I see from our bedroom window... but it turns out I only have so many windows... with so many good views... plus the weather has been cold/miserable/winter/blah... so going outside right now to draw... not a thing.

Then I started to sketch from little 'still life' set-ups. First thing in the morning during coffee seems to be best time to do these (I did actually sketch my coffee lol). I wake up, exercise, have breakfast then coffee and a quick sketch. All good ways to start the day for body and creative spirit!

The really lovely thing about drawing is the low barrier to entry, just a pencil and some paper, something anyone can do. It works well for days when I have a bunch of office/shipping work I have to do, helps me feel like I'm still being creative.

I created a page with some my drawings check it out...



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