Goldfinch in progress

goldfinch flowers painting

Going for the gold... goldfinch that is! A quick pic of one of the paintings at the start of the process (you can still see the pencil marks and toned canvas) from my very soon to be released 'Flights of Fancy' collection.
Gold finches are a joy to watch as they bip and flitter around the garden, eating seeds and splashing around in the bird bath. They aren't hard to pick out, thier bold yellow bodies flash like a streak against the dark green of the trees and contrast beautifully amongst a swath of pink coneflowers. Just seeing thier sunny disposition cheers me up... so I was feeling pretty delighted about having a goldfinch as the subject in this painting.
My hope is that the joy I had creating this piece comes through in the final artwork, and that those positive feelings are transmitted through to the person who comes to own this piece.
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