Erie rest painting

erie rest drawing

erie rest painting

me on the beach

erie rest painting done

I've been really enjoying these escapes to paint outside!! I hop on my bike and head to one of the beaches here in port, and for a few hours I let the worries of the world wash away in the waves.
This painting was done at 'Erie Rest' beach last Friday in the late afternoon. I had to hurry since the closer it gets to sunset the light changes quickly in direction and in the length of the shadows cast, it also affects the color of the lake. What you can't capture in a painting is the sounds and smells, I could hear the gulls, and kids playing in the waves... and a particularly aromatic fish that had washed up not too far from me lol.
If you'd like to follow along as I create this series of outdoor paintings hop over to my Plein Air Project page, where I'll update my progress.
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