Art studio sun

From my art studio

manican shadow art table

Sunshine on my window makes me happy!!!

Maybe you know the song but do you know the dance? My little art studio friend here does lol. Sun coming directly in the window doesn't make for a great painting situation but it does make for a happy mood while I work on the computer next to my painting table!! 😍

What's making your day happy, is it the sun? it that it's Friday?, is it (put your own happy words here)??? Whatever it is you enjoy!!!

Taking time to stop and thinking about what's making you happy at the moment is one way that you can make sure you experience the best feeling right now!! Don't wait for some vague time in the future like vacation or the weekend... or whatever you're waiting for... or else you may find that time has run out.

Carpe diem, is some good advice!!! 

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