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Goldfinch Coneflowers, Flights of Fancy, Original Painting 6x6

Goldfinch Coneflowers, Flights of Fancy, Original Painting 6x6

Goldfinch Coneflowers - Original Painting

'Goldfinch Coneflowers' from the "Flights of Fancy Collection'. Finches love coneflowers (I do too)! Mother nature conveniently puts a bunch of seeds in the middle of this flower and then decorates it with some lovely pink petals... so there's a little something for everyone...birds get dinner, artists get the great view, it's all golden lol.

The 6x6 petite size of this painting is perfect for adding vibrant color and joy to a small space in your home or office, such as a desk, shelf, or wall nook. This painting would also make an amazing gift idea for your fav special person. A one-of-a-kind original artwork you can enjoy every day!

Flights of Fancy Collection - this collection of work is inspired by the sense of ethereal beauty and whimsy that birds and flying things evoke. Literal and figurative 'flights of fancy' can help us to transcend the boundaries of our everyday world and glimpse something truly magical.

SIZE: 6" x 6" x 1.5" gallery-wrapped cotton canvas. The sides are painted to match the front so that it can be beautifully displayed unframed.

MEDIUM: Acrylic paint on canvas stretched over a gallery depth wood frame

Painting Details

Don't miss your chance to own this original one-of-a-kind artwork, or to give as a wonderfully unique gift to someone special.

DETAILS: This painting has staple-free sides that have been painted so that the front image is extended to wrap around the sides so it can be hung with or without an outer frame 

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of authenticity provided. Both the artwork and certificate are signed by the artist (me).

ORIGINAL: The listing you are viewing is for a completely original painting (not a print).

COPYRIGHT: This artwork is protected under copyright law and may not be reproduced in any manner without my written permission.

NOTE: Colors will vary from screen to screen.

If you have questions/comments please CONTACT ME.

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