Storm clouds hay field painting

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little big sky painting

'Storm Clouds Hay Field' is one of only 10 original 7"x7" paintings from my new painting collection 'Little Big Sky'. ⁠ This painting was inspired by my many drives through the countryside on the way to the city. I always pull over to take photos with my phone of the interesting skies and fields, especially in autumn when the cloud action is the best. Having grown up in the country this type of landscape always calls to me. I just love the big open spaces of colorful fields with a changing dramatic cloudscape above.⁠

The paintings in this collection are all acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas with the sides painted to match the front, which creates a wonderful 3d view. These art pieces are the perfect size for your holiday giving, the gift that gives joy all year round!!⁠ .⁠

To shop the whole collection just go to Little Big Sky Collection

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