Plein air beach birthday

erie rest beach 1

erie rest closeup

I spent my birthday painting at Erie Rest beach here in Port Stanley, which was so completely delightful! This painting changed a lot from the original sketch concept, but that's how the creation process mostly works... you try stuff, then you change stuff, then by skill born of experience, and sheer determination you end up with something you hopefully like at the end.
Here's the completed painting. I chose to leave out much of the grass and only concentrate on the sedum as I liked the shapes of the plant and the interesting shadows (I don't know if that's really sedum? but that's what I'm calling it unless someone can tell me the real name lol). When I started this painting, I really had no idea how this one would turn out, but I'm really happy with the result, it has a fresh, colorful, beachy vibe and that was my goal with this one 🙂
After this painting was done, I biked home and celebrated with a yummy BBQ dinner my hubby made me, some wine, and birthday carrot cake... life is good lol!!
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