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"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change"- Buddha

Welcome to the 'Flowerscapes Collection'!

Artwork that celebrates the joy of flowers...

Here in Canada the winter is long and coated in a blanket of snowy white. When spring finally arrives, everyone is overjoyed to see the flowers slowly begin to peek up through the warming soil, then steadily grow and explode into burst of floral colors. It's the contrast between the seasons that gives the arrival of flowers the excitement. That enchantment continues throughout the summer as the varieties of flowers, each with their own unique shapes and colors, continue to delight and surprise!!.

I created this collection of paintings to celebrate how much I love the bright colors and joy that flowers bring into our lives by simply existing. It's my hope that my imaginings of these flower landscapes or 'Flowerscapes' will give you as much happiness and joy in you home and life as I had in creating them. 

The 'Flowerscapes Collection' will be released to the public on JUNE 29th at 2:00pm EDT

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Many folks can own an art print... but there's only one original painting!

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About the 'Flowerscapes' Art Collection...

The collection consists of one of a kind original paintings.

Some of these paintings are completely new and never seen before, and some were created for licensing on products. You may have seen products for sale online at, or with artwork from this collection. In as much as I would love to keep the originals, the actual 'work' of art is to go out into the world and spread joy. could be the owner of a completely original one of a kind work of art.


- 16 original paintings acrylic paint on stretched canvas
- Sizes range from 6"x6" to 12"x16"
FREE SHIPPING in Canada and the USA.


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