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seaside winds

Mid-May and the weather has been a bit up and down in my part of the world, but that's 2021 for ya.

I ground myself by looking at the timeless waters of the lake. It has seen so much, and still, it dances with waves of life and sways to the wind-song tune of mother nature. I think people feel called to the water. It's in our DNA, like returning to the source.

I live in a village on a lake, and we moved here because we feel the draw of the water too. The horizon line calms and centers your spirit.

This image comes from my imagination. This coastal view doesn't actually exist anywhere in the world except in my imagination.... and in the painting I created that made this's like some strange magic trick to make a landscape suddenly appear out of nothing, ta-da.

I am not unique in creating worlds from imagination, there are thousands of artists doing the exact same thing all over the world, making beauty where it didn't exist before. Being an artist is one of the most fulfilling 'callings' in the world. The best part is sharing the awesome thing you made with everyone else.

So here it is... I share with you a summer landscape, filled with light and wind and water, a view you can happily escape into and enjoy every day !!!! : )

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