Robin drawing

robin drawing

A day made for robins!!! Where I am, we're in the midst of some April showers, which works out great for May flowers, AND for robins (with all those worms floating around). This sketch is for my 'Flight of Fancy' collection. I paired a robin with some lovely tulips to give some extra spring excitiment to the image.
I just love seeing a round of robins running around the grass 'listening' for worms. In our neighborhood they've been very busy defending territory and finding mates. Soon there'll be a whole crop of new little robins!!
I'm enjoying the sketching part so much, but I really do need to get the paintings finished (I'm part way there lol). These will be petit 6"x6" gallery wrapped paintings and some of the sketches. The release of this art collection is coming soon on April 18th... so mark your calendars!!
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