Plein air project

plein air boat launch

I'm excited to share my latest art project...'plein air' (in situ) paintings! It's been a while since I painted directly outdoors and with the lovely weather at hand, I thought it would be fun to get back into it!
Towards that end, I borrowed my husband's tools and made an outdoor painting 'rig' out of one of my tripods with a shelf and everything. This is my first working test of the new tripod (as well as dusting off my outdoor painting skills). It seemed wise to attempt the first piece close to home in case I needed any extra supplies.
Pictured is a painting I created from my deck looking out onto the boat launch on Kettle Creek here in Port Stanley. As with any painting, the artist's job is knowing what to paint and what to leave out. With 'plein air' that's even more of a skill since things happen in real life right in front of you. For example, while I was painting this, a truck came and parked right in the middle of my view, so that section had to be painted from memory lol.
My goal in creating these paintings isn't to meticulously represent the view but to give my impression of the view. I feel like I did that with this piece, so I'll count it as a success!
This week my hubby and I also did an in-depth walking tour of Port Stanley so I could map out places that would be great spots to set up and paint.
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