Pink trees beach view original painting

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two pink trees beach painting

I love making roads into paintings! Painting is essentially created from little bits of paint applied to a canvas. As an artist, my job is to organize those bits of paint into a vision of another place, basically creating another world. A painting turns a plain flat wall into a window into the artist's imagination. ⁠

 To me, a roadway in a painting is a path that leads you directly into this other reality and shows you where to go. This one squeezes between two pink trees and leads you over some hills to the little white cottages that stand overlooking a blue seaside view. As I create this painting I want to be there..., I want you to be there too.... and you can, that's the magic that is painting. How cool is that?⁠

If you'd like to see this and all the bright colorful worlds I've created in my original paintings be sure to pop over and check them out, goto ORIGINAL PAINTINGS

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