Painting on the beach

I was plein air painting at the beach. It was a hot day out, so sitting in the lovely shade of these groovy trees on the edge of the beach was the place to be.
The finished piece is watercolor on paper with ink and pencil. I don't often work with watercolor since the method is so different from the acrylic paint that I usually use, but thought I'd give it a whirl for plein air as the supplies are lighter and more compact to carry.
I started with a pencil sketch and was hesitant to add color, but since I was using watercolor paper I figured I might as well take the plunge and go for it. Not gonna lie, I was a bit lost in the middle while using the watercolor paint, but as an artist I've learned that you should always push on because generally you can problem solve and bring it around. I was able to pull it off in the end by adding some definition with ink and acrylic white. That's probably not how a watercolorist would handle it but I'm pretty delighted with how it turned out!!
In the end I spent a lovely afternoon at the beach and have this painting to prove it lol.
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