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lavender prints

A dash of color to brighten your day!!! Seeing lots of bright happy colors can change your mood. I should know, as an artist color is sort of my stock and trade. When it comes to creating a work of art, it's all about color on canvas... which color to put in what spot of the canvas to convey the emotions you want to convey. ⁠

When you break it down that way it sounds rather daunting, but it's really very intuitive. When I started the artwork (that this print is from), I really had no idea how it would roll out. One color just leads to another, and before you know it you have a whole landscape, kind of magical lol. ⁠

So here we have it... deep purple lavender and country cottages on a sunny day. This bright colorful vertical art print is one of several seasonal prints available in my online studio shop. See the other art prints available GO TO ART PRINTS 

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