My sunflower art in ArtAscent magazine (june 2016 issue)

sunflowers art ascent magazine

Art Ascent magazine (june 2016 issue) has my sunflower art included in a feature article about artistic integrity (pg91) Thank you so much to author/artist Roopa Dudley for including me!!

I'm especially proud to be featured in an article about integrity as I've worked hard to create a voice and style that is unique. I've seen many artists hop on the 'bandwagon' when a particular style is popular. While it's important to be aware of what is happening around you it's also important to recognize that your expression needs to be your own. My style started as a stew of influences but after creating hundreds of paintings I found a way of painting that makes me, and from the messages I receive, others very happy. that is the goal with my art to make myself and other happy.

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