Moonrise painting in Studio

painting in progress moonrise

I'm inspired by the moon!! Did anyone see the eclipse? I did... but didn't plan on it lol. I got up in the middle of the night on a completely unrelated matter, and when I came back to bed my husband was gone.

When he came back I asked where he'd been, he said looking at the moon eclipse. I was already back and toasty in bed, but then remembered that the last eclipse of this kind one was over 500 hundred years ago. So with that in mind, I threw off the covers and grabbed the binoculars for a look-see. Gotta say it was pretty cool!!

So I've been thinking about the moon lately... I grew up in the country and we would get awesome huge harvest moons hanging low over the fields and shining through the trees. I always love that view, sort of magical and mysterious, throw in the sound of distant coyotes and the feeling was very transcendent, like a dream.

Those moments were a vacation from the everyday world. Especially in comparison to going back into the house with the tv blaring some random show and bright lights and beeping of phones and microwaves and daily modern world concerns.

I think your life can always be made richer by taking time to just go outside under the cover of night to take a look at the moon, she never fails to impress! This time of year the moon shows up at 6:00 so there's lots of time to look lol.

A quote I love is by G. Croly, "How like a queen comes forth the lonely moon" A sadly beautiful but evocative thought... So here is a photo of a painting in progress featuring a view of the moon rising.

The inspiration has spread and I have a few other moon paintings in the works. If you'd like to be the first to see the new paintings when they're released be sure to sign up for my studio email, where I reveal all things new and exciting happening in my art studio, I have freebies and discounts, plus a 10% off coupon! Sign up below!

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