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lighthouse painting grid

Nothing is more iconic to a seaside view than a lighthouse. With the advent of modern tech like GPS, often they're relics of days gone by. Once their beacon was a crucial part of life for all those who made their living by the sea, warning of hidden dangers and a guiding light to help you get home during fog and dark. 

There's something so comforting in the thought of a light that is always lit to help you get back to the safety and comfort of home. Maybe that's why folks are still so drawn to them, I know that I am. In a modern complex world, how can we help but yearn for a stable constant light to point the way?⁠ .⁠

I'm so happy to share that the whole 'Summer Seaside Collection' of original paintings is now up and available (including this one)!!⁠ Pop on over and check out the collection page... Summer Seaside Collection


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