Hello chickadee

chickadee painting

Hello my little chickadee!! The sketches are done and I'm into painting the Flights of Fancy' pieces for the collection.
This little bird has always been a fav of mine, I think they are the sweetest and most trusting of the songbirds. When I was a kid, my father trained the ones in our yard to come sit in his hand to eat. I always thought that was so amazing!! My dad was sure to point out that they are trusting you with their life and to never take that for granted. If you put your hand out, always be sure there is food so the risk they take is rewarded.
I love the sound they make, a self-proclaiming "chick-a-dee-dee". My window is open so I can actually hear them right now... maybe they sense I'm writing about them lol.
Anyway, back to painting, I just wanted to share a glimpse of what's coming next week. The collection release is April 18th, be sure to join my studio email list below to get early access!
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