Flowerscapes detail

white flowers

Closeup and personal with one of my flower paintings!!! This is the view you get when you stick your nose up close to one of my originals.

Have you ever wondered about the viewing distance you should be from an original painting? When I go to a public gallery I often feel a bit gauche when I get my face all close up to the art piece. Is it the disapproving glare of the security guard or gallery owner??...probably.

I think as long as you're not touching the art, you should be able to enjoy it however you please. When it comes to the optimal viewing distance it depends on the size of the art piece... a big painting has to be viewed from a reasonable distance to get the full effect, while a small piece needs to be close up and intimate to enjoy the details.

This painting is 12"x16" but because you're viewing it online, your device will also dictate what you can see. I do love to share detailed photos of my paintings since sometimes when you zoom in you can even find sub-paintings within the main painting, little vignettes that can stand on their own as compositions. .

Having close-up detail photos shows all the little juicy bits that many folks gloss over when viewing an artwork in person. Observing a painting takes time in order to unravel its finer points. In a physical art gallery, I can't stand next to my paintings pointing these highlights out, (management would escort me from the building while I yell over my shoulder "look at the highlights on the petals and colors in the shadows" lol).

If you'd like to see more of this painting and many others, be sure to check out my new Flowerscape collection. Go To FLOWERSCAPES

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