Fall in Port painting

orange tree painting in progress

I'm so groovin' on autumn colors!! One of my new paintings in progress of fall views from around here in Port Stanley. This tree in real life was a real show stopper. It's quite the daunting challenge to try to convey all that in paint, and on a way smaller scale... but that's the job of the artist. Take something awesome, figure out what's making it visually awesome, and then bring that to your artwork.

It takes a lot of time just looking at the thing, because often it's not just the subject that's bringing the mood, it's also what's around it. When I took the original photo this artwork is based on, there were lots of other beautiful sensory things happening around me that I can't convey in a small painting... for example the sound of the birds, the smell of the leaves, the feel of the warm sun.

So part of my 'job' with this painting is editing all the information from the actual site and distilling it down to just the visual essence of the experience and translating that using smears of paint on a canvas. Does it sound hard... welp it totally is lol, and that's the creative challenge of making art.

If you're curious about this and the other pieces in this collection of fall paintings, be sure to sign up for my art studio email list below!

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