Fall art prints

pumpkins art prints flat lay

Happy Halloween!!! Wishing you all things pumpkin-y and candy and maybe a little scary fun!!!⁠

FYI the little pumpkins in this photo will be part of tonight's dinner lol. The other bits like feathers and berries I found while walking the dog (I won't be eating those, but my dog really wanted to). ⁠

I love Halloween and not just for eating things, (but that's sort of my fav part). Pumpkin pie, mini-chocolates, red wine, and some popcorn with a horror movie are all my go-to's.   I also love decorating for fall and Halloween!! Bright, colorful, warm, and cozy are all emotions I attach to this time of year. I love making art that brings that out.

The art prints shown in this photo are just one of many that I have that celebrates autumn. Be sure to hop over to art prints and check them all out.


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