Dragonfly painting

dragonfly painting

A sneak peek of Dragonfly, coming soon!! The paintings are done and I've been photographing the 'Flights of Fancy' paintings as I get ready to release the collection on April 18th (less than a week!).
I enjoy the process of photographing and recording the inspiration for that art I've created. One of my favs is the 'flatlay', which is photographer speak for capturing the 'thing' with supporting elements surrounding it.
When I photograph a 'flatlay' for my paintings I like to include the tools used to create the artwork like paint brushes, paint tubes, pencils etc... as well as natural objects that I think highlight aspects of the subject.
When I go for walks, I love to collect natural grasses, flowers, rocks, shells etc. that 'speak' to me, so that when I create a photo, I have a library of objects to choose from... plus, it makes me feel like all these things I've collected have an actual purpose lol.
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