DAY 3 of Seven Days of Summer Art

day 3 seaside collection by cathy horvath buchanan

I'm so glad you're back to join me in celebrating the third day of the 'Summer Seaside Collection' !!!!!! 

The two paintings to go live today are all about big wind and water.

Growing up in Canada as an artist, you can't help but be influenced by the 'Group of Seven' and Tom Thomson. Like them, I've tried to capture in these two paintings how coastal wind bends the trees and whips the water into choppy whitecaps. These paintings are full of motion and energy. You can almost feel the wind through your hair!

These artworks are meant to capture a brief dynamic moment in time; the feeling that you're standing on the beach with your cable knit sweater wrapped around you listening to the roar of the waves!

Cathy : )

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