Colorful Art Wall

selfie with art

Happy Friday!! time to escape your work view and enjoy your weekend view. With art you don't even have to wait. You can have an awesome happy view to escape to whenever you want it. Here I am (the artist) standing in front of my art wall. Most people don't say they enjoy walls, but I do, because as you can see behind me... mine is filled with bright colorful art.

Let's say you're having a super stressful day and you mind is feeling kinda fried... you just want to take a break... just to get some peace of mind... and you look up to see this amazing view. You stop, you sigh.... and you imagine you're there, in the view, and for a minute or two you are there. That's the daily joy of having art!!!

Or at least, that's how I feel about it... what do you think?

If you'd like to feel that too, check out these and all the other bright colorful and happy views you can have as an original painting, art print or card.


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