Cloud Colors Above Fields Original Painting, Little Big Sky

little big sky setting

This little beauty is full of vibrant color... a vast picturesque landscape view that fits in the palm of your hands.⁠

I just love the contrast of big fluffy clouds floating over farm fields. The chaotic shapes formed by the whims of the weather as opposed to the man-made order of fields. The clouds representing the uncertainty of nature and the fields are our human efforts to gain some sort of control. As the saying goes 'make hay while the sun shines', put away food for more uncertain times.⁠

I grew up in a farming community, where the landscape is more than just something beautiful to look at, it's a way of life. The crops you plant in spring and harvest in the fall dictate what kind of year your family will have, prosperous vs lean. I feel like this painting has a balance between both, sure there are big clouds looming, but the fields have a crop and things are good. Enjoy the good times while they last, not only a metaphor for crops but for life in general.⁠ .⁠ 'Cloud Color Above Field' is one of only 8 remaining original 7"x7" paintings from my new painting collection 'Little Big Sky'. ⁠

The paintings in this collection are all acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas with the sides painted to match the front, which creates a wonderful 3d view. These art pieces are the perfect size for giving and for keeping!!⁠ .⁠

To shop the whole collection just go to LITTLE BIG PAINTINGS

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