Beach paintings

Sharing my newest painting in progress! Part of a new art collection that I'm planning on releasing in about a month.
As an artists, when it comes to creating a new collection it's a bit of a journey. The individual paintings make up postcards from the journey. I've been walking around this beautiful beach town where I live, just taking photos and thinking thoughts.
This all comes together when I sit at my painting table with a canvas in front of me.
I want these paintings to start with what I'm seeing in real life, but then moving past that and creating something new. It has a nod to the inspiration of the place but it's a new more magical place.
I never really know how a painting is going to work out. I have an idea when I start... and then if I get in the flow, it slowly becomes the thing. I place the marks on the canvas and keep the ones that look like what I want, and then paint over the ones that don't look like what I want. It sounds so simple (in reality it's anything but lol)!
The challenge is that each mark is a decision... made thousands of times in one painting.... it can be easy to get into analysis paralysis, where you second guess if a mark is good or not... is it making the piece better and moving closer to the vision, or getting farther away? It can be exhausting but also exhilarating. I'm making something that's never existed before, and that feels pretty cool!!
Follow along on my journey and see the progress page
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