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Sunday is relaxing for some and for others, it's about getting the jump on Monday. I don't ship on weekends but I do like to get things ready for the coming week. Pictured here are some print orders that I'm working on getting out the door. I try my best to make things look pretty with some tissue paper and stickers and such, but also to wrap them up really well so they don't get damaged in transit. .

Quick note, there's been a slow down in postal services recently (you may have already heard) so packages will be arriving a bit later than usual. If you've purchased something from me recently please be patient it's coming soon. .

I also include this photo as a little behind the scenes view, so you can see how your package is being lovingly prepared for you : ) . If you're interested in seeing the many colorful art prints available to brighten your home's decor (over 50 designs) be sure to pop over and check them all out go to...


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