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red canoe painting

Thought this original painting of a vacation view suited the start of a weekend in August!! Enjoy!!!

Come mid-February we'll be desperate for anything cheery and summery to lift our spirits (spoken like the true Canadian I am, lol). Be sure to enjoy this happy warm time while you can, let it soak into your memory, your heart, and your soul so you can recall it all in vivid detail come the coldest days in winter.⁠ .⁠

The alternative is to have some bright colorful art on your wall year-round to daydream over. I created this view so you could escape into your imagination to take a mini-holiday whenever you look at it! ⁠ .⁠ Pop on over and check out all the happy colorful original painting (as well as art prints) designed to brighten your heart, home, and cottage, goto...⁠


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