Sketches in progress


bird sketch

blue jay drawing

butterfly sketching

Mark your calendar, on Tues, April 18th for the 'Flights of Fancy' collection release! Here's some of the work in progress. I love drawing but don't usually go to the extent of a full drawing before creating a painting. Often, it's just a quick thumbnail sketch unless it's for a custom painting, then it's part of the process of working with a client and the sketch is crucial

These drawings totally take me back to being a teenager when I would sit in the window for hours and draw the birds and nature that came to the feeder. This was pre-internet, so my window to the world was literally a window lol. I do miss those days!

The summer I turned 14, I was obsessively inspired by a book my mom bought me called 'Nature Drawing - a tool for learning' by Clair Walker Leslie, and I paged through it every day. My mom has never been an artistic person... but she's always been super supportive (she's so lovely!) and so how she came to give me this incredible gift might have been the work of unseen guiding forces, but the book just happened to be at the grocery store checkout lol.

You really never know what will be an inspiration.... I hope these drawings inspire you to look around you and see the beauty that's everywhere, even flittering around in a tree outside your window.

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