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This is me in my studio. Other than posting on social, making art is a very solitary pursuit. I sometimes forget that there are other things happening in the world. The real world has nothing on the world I make with my brushes. The world in my imagination and paintings is always delightful, full of changing seasons, bright colors, and happy thoughts. It may seem like a head in the sand approach to life, but I believe your mental health needs vacations from the stress and problems of the world just outside your home or studio walls.

Art serves many purposes in the world, depending on the artist it can be shining a thoughtful light on problems OR creating a beautiful escape from problems. While I don't think people should run away from all the problems all the time as thoughtful insights are needed to help mend the many complicated issues of this world. I do think space is needed for rest. Your thoughts & emotions can't rev in high gear all the time or soon you'll find your engine burning out.

Both types of art artwork serve an important purpose, one puts your foot on the gas and makes you think and do, and the other, (the type I make) helps you take your foot off the gas and coast for a while to enjoy the scenery to conserve your vital energy.

Many of my collectors have high-stress jobs & bring my art into their lives to be surrounded by views that are light & happy to help counterbalance the stressful parts of their lives. This is the value I serve to the world and I feel blessed to be able to bring that to others!

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