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Why Have Art in Your Home

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Part 1. Why? Art in Your Home & Office

For a while I’ve been thinking that I should write a series of posts for my blog about artwork in your home, and how art can have a profound and tangible impact on your life. I should know! As an artist, art and creating art has always been one of the guiding lights in my life. While others may not be as totally absorbed by art as I am, from the many messages I’ve received from people who have purchased my art, turns out you don’t have to be an artist to love art.
I have lots of art hanging on all my walls and I’m always changing them around. I change frames, hang them in different groupings, change rooms, change seasons. I’m always poking around at my pictures. Each time I mix it up I’m amazed at how different my rooms can look depending on what I’ve put on the walls. My husband’s surprised face when he walks in the room is always fun too.

Art has a definite power to change your everyday life not only visually but emotionally too. 

The objects that you surround yourself with essentially create your world, your world forms your mood, your mood forms your outlook on life. A happy person sees the world much differently than a mad or sad person. You can imagine that looking out your window at a lovely coastal scene would be much more uplifting than looking at a solid brick wall.

I think it’s wise to carefully consider what you look at everyday. While we can’t all have a coastal view where we live, luckily art gives us the opportunity to look at something wonderful instead of a blank wall. The brick wall below is much more inviting when cleverly disguised as a backdrop for an art collection.

Art isn't only for your home, work places need art too

Art can humanize an institutional or work space. Bright colorful artwork on a bare beige office wall or in a waiting room is a real mood lifter. These are spaces that given the choice most people probably wouldn't choose to spend a lot of time in. But a lovely work of art is like a mini vacation for your brain. I've had many doctors buy artwork from me for that very reason. A calming, colorful, and happy work of art can make something as stressful as a doctor's or hospital's waiting room seem less sterile. Art can give a client/patient something more to focus on then the possibly stressful reason for the visit.
Uplifting art doesn't have to be confined to your walls either. I've included a free art wallpaper at the bottom of this post so that you can download it and have something prettier to look at on your digital devices, be it your work or home computer, your phone or tablet.
Art in a collection - Artist Cathy Horvath Buchanan

To get my point across visually, I put together some photo examples of rooms with or without art. I can’t help but notice that naked walls makes it feel like the room isn’t finished. The room is missing personality and spark.

Art in your home - Artist Cathy Horvath Buchanan

Art in your family room before & after Artist Cathy Horvath Buchanan
Art for modern living before & after Cathy Horvath Buchanan

Would you rather spend time in the rooms with the art or the one without?

I think we can all agree the rooms with art seems more homey, with a cozy, friendly, vibe.

Maybe you’ve already been wanting something uplifting for your living-room, foyer, bedroom, bathroom or office walls, but what?

Most people don’t have the luxury of spending all day thinking about art. As a result, art, and how to acquire art, can sometimes seem confusing....

-What type of imagery would work in my space?

-What do I like?

-What don’t I like?

-Where should I get it from?

-How much should I spend?

-What size should I get.

-How should I frame it?

-How should I hang it?

-Maybe you imagine people coming into your home will think the art you picked is weird or uncultured?

So far I have been talking about the "WHY?" of art. Why should you surround yourself with artwork? How can art add value to your life? How can simply looking at something everyday that brings you joy make you a happier person?

In this blog series I hope to address some of the questions and misconceptions that may be holding you back from fully enjoying the beauty you can create in your own living space.

You’ll notice that the artwork shown in these examples are images I’ve created. The reasons are twofold. First, I don’t want any copyright issues by using art by another artist. Second, I created this art and love it, and I hope you will too. I focus on making art that is full of bright colors with lots of different landscape views, perfect when you want something cheerful and happy to look at.

I know from the fantastic feedback I’ve been receiving from people who own my images, that the artwork they chose to hang in their homes IS making them happy.

Here are just some of the many wonderful comments people have been kind enough to send me expressing how they feel about their new art.



****Happiness captured! Wonderful piece... Incredible colors and sense of warm. Thank you so much! 

*****Love this too - a day brightener and a source of peace in my life... 

*****So lovely - hanging in my office sending me peaceful vibes all day. So happy!


See more reviews at......

Final Thoughts....

Hopefully you found some of my thoughts on the value of art in your home useful, in the next few blog posts I'll go into more detail about the framing and placement of art in your home. There is a whole world of inspiring art available! Together we can explore how to bring it home and enjoy it to the fullest!

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Colorful Art for All Your Digital Devices

I created this sunny bright sunflower wallpaper for you to use on all your devices. Why should you just have nice art on your walls? You can have colorful happy art to enjoy wherever you are and on all your devices. 
Download now and enjoy!!! Cathy

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