Jellybean rugs in port

jelly bean rugs by cathy horvath buchanan

My Jellybean rugs in Port!! brought a selection of jellybean rugs they sell to the 'taste of port' festival. I didn't know they would be here, so I was delightfully surprised to see my rug designs in their colorful display.

My husband took our dog patches for a morning walk in the village when he saw some vendors setting up for the 'taste of port festival'. One of the vendors was , based out of London. My husband Shawn immediately recognized my design and mentioned to the fellow setting up the display that his wife did the designs for the rugs. The fellow, Fred, one of the owners invited me to come by and see the display and also get a few shots of the artist with the rugs. So fun!!! The festival was great too!!!

jellybean rugs cathy horvath buchanan

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