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Jellybean rugs featuring my art designs

From my art studio My art featured on products

jelly bean rug designs by cathy horvath buchanan

Just got samples of two of my designs with jellybean rugs. These sunny sunflowers & country tulip rugs are a splash of fun happy colors for your floors.

I'm just loving how these designs translated into rug designs. Jellybean has a total of 5 of my designs, I'll post the other designs when I get the samples.

I looked up all the info about these rugs and here's what i found out....

These Jellybean rugs are made from RECYCLED PET PLASTIC & POLYESTER, so there's no need to feel guilty about using resources, recycling has never looked so beautiful.!

    They're MACHINE WASHABLE, When something is spilled on a Jellybean® it lives up to it's famous tagline; "washes better than your jeans"! Throw your Jellybean® in the wash and watch it come out good as new!

      HANDMADE, looking at the samples I received the quality is absolutely stunning. The colors are bright and rich, well worth the price.

        SLIP RESISTANT BACKING so the rugs doesn't slide around, the rubbery backing makes it stay put.

          INDOOR / OUTDOOR  The beautiful and bright colors were made to last through many, many washes. Even outdoors on your porch or patio, your Jellybean® rug will stand up to heat and cold. 

          Check them out at:

          in th USA 

          or in canada at

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