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10 Books That Will Teach You How to Draw Like an Artist

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books that teach you to draw

Imagine being able to proudly draw whatever you see...

These 10 books will introduce you to the art of seeing the world the way an artist sees, and teach you how to draw it.....

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Home Art Decor, The Simple Truth is Art Can Make You Happier

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art in your home

why have art cathy horvath buchanan

Why have art?

The simple truth... art decor can make you happier.

Few things in life are more important to a person than their home. Most folks will agree that a ‘home’ is much more than just four walls and a floor. Decorating your home is a form of self expression as well as a way to make your house a comfortable home. What you have as home art is an integral part of your decor, a way to let people who visit your home know that this is what you find beautiful or important.

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5 Tips for Printing Printables So They Look Fantastic!!

Art in Your Home Freebie How to Series

art decor in your home

how to print printables by Cathy Horvath Buchanan

5 Tips for Printing Art Printables ... So They Look Fantastic!!

I've downloaded some art but now what?...

I thought I would share a few tips on how to print downloadable wall art printables so that they look great when you print them off and hang them in your home.

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